Mission Statement

The Organization is dedicated to the sustainable promotion of universal human rights as determined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Resolution 217 A (III) of the General Assembly from 10th December 1948.

Following the principles of solidarity and compassion, the Organization aims to become a symbol for hope and a carrier of consolation. Through effective action we mean to make a difference to the lives of those people whose living conditions deny an existence determined by self-respect and dignity.

Whilst setting priorities by the degree of affliction, we are aware that distress (and emotional, psychological or physical pain) is fundamentally a subjective experience and cannot relate to relativisms. This perception makes it essential to recognize suffering where it occurs. In consequence, the Organization intentionally relinquishes any predetermined definition of persons or groups deemed “suitable” or “qualified” for the support of the Organization.

There are no barriers and no restrictions. Criteria like age, gender, religion, race, language, nationality, region or social origin are not relevant for the decision on whether support can be granted. We are called on to assist, if suffering can be witnessed, and if the person or group is subjected to circumstances that stand in contradiction to their elemental human rights (freedom, equality, shelter, protection, dignity and respect).

It stands to reason, that especially those who are unable to sustain and protect themselves are predestined for the relief the Organization can offer. On a day-to-day existence level this would apply to children, the elderly and the ailing, but would include other groups in states of emergency or conditions of persistent harshness.

Local and global: There is no regional focus of activity. People in need are in our immediate environment, in neighboring countries, on other continents – near and far afield. Provision of relief and support depends on the real and immediate state of need.

In this respect, our efforts are not directed at the focal sites of international humanitarian aid operations, as the coordinated approach of many large organizations can successfully tackle tasks of such magnitude. We will strive to give relief where there is less observance, less concern and less assistance.

Obviously, we can only help, if we have. In the beginning, we will have to confine our efforts to cases of individual and circumstantial plight, where a small contribution serves to alleviate a considerable degree of discomfort, despondency or anxiety. As the budget grows, our cases will become more challenging and extensive.

The mission of the Organization will be realized through the following procedures:

  • The objective evaluation and empirical certification of the cases brought forward for assistance.
  • The determination of appropriate measures to relief the gravity of the documented plight and to install circumstances that re-instate dignity.
  • The acquisition, organization, coordination and the transport of suitable resources that comply with the charitable purpose of the Organization. These resources can be of financial, nutritional, medicinal, therapeutic, technical, material or advisory nature.
  • The projects for funding, the relief measures and the outcome of our efforts are published and accessible on this website.

Our cause is to alleviate pain and suffering as effectively as we are able to. With time our advocacy and sustained action for human dignity will turn the vision of a tolerable existence into a reality for countless people around the globe.